Some Publications & Memberships


International Affairs


Latin American Integration : An Asian View,
New Delhi: Radiant Publishers, 1980 and  Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Humanities Press, 1981.


Gandhian and Peace Studies in Journals of World Affairs and Gandhi Marg, published in Delhi from 1995-2000.

“Political Ideology in the Third World: The Significance of Jose Marti and M.K. Gandhi”  1848/1898 @1998: Transhistoric Thresholds. Bilingual Press, Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University, Tampa, Arizona, 2000.

“Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era, Can Nuclear Deterrence Work in South Asia?” published in World Affairs, The Journal of International Issues. Vol. IV No.2 April-June 2000, pp.22-31.

“Nuclear Weapons in South Asia: A Gandhian Approach “ in  Gandhi Marg : Quarterly Journal of the Gandhi Peace  Foundation.  Vol 21, Number 3, October-December 1999,   pp. 347-359.

“M.K. Gandhi – Man of the Century: Gandhi and his Relevance to the World”  World Affairs, The Journal of International Issues, Vol. II No.1 January-March 1998, pp.41-50.

“Jose Marti, the Third World and the Cuban Revolution “ CIEFL Bulletin (New Series) Vol.7, Nos. 1&2 Jun-Dec. 1995 (Pub. 1996) Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages Hyderabad 500007, India.

Urban Development and Environment


Gandhi in the 21st Century: An Alternative Approach to Development  (Editor, V.K. Bawa).   Hyderabad :   Prachee  Publications, 1999.

Indian Metropolis : Urbanisation, Planning and Management   New Delhi : Inter India Publications, 1987.


“What Kind of Development? –   Industrialisation, Technology and the Environment.” In John S. Augustine Ed.,  Strategies for Third World Development  (New Delhi : Sage Publications, 1989, pp.143-150)


Modern Indian History


The Last Nizam The Life and Times of Mir Osman Ali Khan, New Delhi: Penguin-Viking, 1992 Hard cover and 1993 Paperback)

The Nizam Between Mughals and British: Hyderabad Under Salar Jang I, 1853-83,   New Delhi:  S.Chand & Co., 1986 (reprinted, 1996 with a fresh introduction under the title Hyderabad under Salar Jang I)


Modern Indian history and comparative aspects of Indian and Latin American studies.

“Architecture in the Deccan – The Kingdom of Golconda” Deccan Studies Vol. I  No.l  January-June 2002, pp 59-67.

“The Politics of Architecture in Qutbshahi Hyderabad: A Preliminary Analysis” in M.A. Nayeem et al, Eds. Studies in History of the Deccan: Medieval and Modern:  Professor A.R. Kulkarni Felicitation Volume. (Delhi: Pragati Publications, 2002, pp.329-341.)

Administrative and Political Modernisation in the Asaf Jahi State: Hyderabad under Salar Jung I during 1853-83, and the Seventh Nizam during 1911-1945 in Islamic Culture: An English Quarterly. Special 75th Anniversary Issue. Vol. LXXVI, No.2, April 2002, pp. 47-114. 


Association Memberships

      History, Heritage and Related:

  • INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage).

  • Centre for Deccan Studies, Hyderabad (President and Executive Director of journal, Deccan Studies).

  •  Andhra Pradesh History Congress.

       Public and International Affairs:

  • Ham Sab Hindustani Trust (Managing Trustee)--seminars, workshops, issues publications.

  • Institute for Defence Studies & Analysis, New Delhi

  • LASA (Latin American Studies Association), U.S.A.

  • Institute of Asian Studies, Hyderabad