Dr. Oudesh Rani Bawa's Curriculum Vitae

Education and Research Degrees

           Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana
                Ph.D., Political Science [Minor: Latin American Studies], 1967
                        Dissertation: “An Indian State under British Influence: Hyderabad under Salar Jang I, 1853-1883”

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
     M.S., Foreign Service, Specialisation in Latin America area. 1953.

        Thesis: “Pacific Settlement and Security Procedures in the Organization of American States (OAS)

  Poona University, Fergusson College, Poona
B.A. , Politics, Economics, Psychology. 1950

Academic and Official Career

1987-89: Senior Fellow, Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi.

1984-86: Project Director, Research Project on An Integrated Approach to the Development of Visakhapatnam and its Hinterland (Planning Commission of India at the Institute of Development and Planning Studies, Visakhapatnam).

1979-83: Senior Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Planning and Organization of Metropolitan Government in India, with particular reference to Bombay, Hyderabad and Pune at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune, and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

1974-78: Founder Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive, Hyderabad Urban Development Authority.  Planning and development for a major Indian city, following urban planning theory, guidelines and directives of the state and central governments, and the realities of the local situation.

1972-74: Secretary and Joint Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh, Health, Housing and Municipal Administration Department. Responsible for administration at the Secretariat level, state policies in regard to Health and Medical Services, Family Planning, Local Government in major and minor cities of Andhra Pradesh. Formulating state policies in regard to urban (city) services (such as roads, water supply, master plan preparation, formulating schemes for Urban Development Authorities), and legislation necessary for their implementation.

1965-68: Director of the State Archives of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.  Providing services in the newly constructed building to research scholars, administering research fellowships to encourage research, and related matters.

1962-63: Collector, Hyderabad District.

Deputy Secretary to the Government of Andhra Pradesh, in such areas as Education and Culture.

Sub-Collector in West Godavari and Hyderabad Districts.

Languages Spoken and Read

English, some Spanish and French, Urdu, Hindustani, and some Telugu.


1960-61: Invited by the French Government to study Archives and Public Administration at the Archives National de France.

1950-54: Fulbright Scholar and Fellowship holder at Georgetown and Tulane Universities.



1968-67:Lectured on topics relating to Modern India at the Universities of Freiburg, Heidelberg, Bochum, Kiel, Paris, Sussex and Oxford, and at the Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City.


 Some Publications

International Affairs

Latin American Integration : An Asian View,
New Delhi: Radiant Publishers, 1980 and  Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Humanities Press, 1981.


Gandhian and Peace Studies in Journals of World Affairs and Gandhi Marg, published in Delhi from 1995-2000.

“Political Ideology in the Third World: The Significance of Jose Marti and M.K. Gandhi”  1848/1898 @1998: Transhistoric Thresholds. Bilingual Press, Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University, Tampa, Arizona, 2000.

“Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era, Can Nuclear Deterrence Work in South Asia?” published in World Affairs, The Journal of International Issues. Vol. IV No.2 April-June 2000, pp.22-31.

“Nuclear Weapons in South Asia: A Gandhian Approach “ in  Gandhi Marg : Quarterly Journal of the Gandhi Peace  Foundation.  Vol 21, Number 3, October-December 1999,   pp. 347-359.

“M.K. Gandhi – Man of the Century: Gandhi and his Relevance to the World”  World Affairs, The Journal of International Issues, Vol. II No.1 January-March 1998, pp.41-50.

“Jose Marti, the Third World and the Cuban Revolution “ CIEFL Bulletin (New Series) Vol.7, Nos. 1&2 Jun-Dec. 1995 (Pub. 1996) Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages Hyderabad 500007, India.

Urban Development and Environment


Gandhi in the 21st Century: An Alternative Approach to Development  (Editor, V.K. Bawa).   Hyderabad :   Prachee  Publications, 1999.

Indian Metropolis : Urbanisation, Planning and Management   New Delhi : Inter India Publications, 1987.


“What Kind of Development? –   Industrialisation, Technology and the Environment.” In John S. Augustine Ed.,  Strategies for Third World Development  (New Delhi : Sage Publications, 1989, pp.143-150)


Modern Indian History


The Last Nizam The Life and Times of Mir Osman Ali Khan, New Delhi: Penguin-Viking, 1992 Hard cover and 1993 Paperback)

The Nizam Between Mughals and British: Hyderabad Under Salar Jang I, 1853-83,   New Delhi:  S.Chand & Co., 1986 (reprinted, 1996 with a fresh introduction under the title Hyderabad under Salar Jang I)


Modern Indian history and comparative aspects of Indian and Latin American studies.

“Architecture in the Deccan – The Kingdom of Golconda” Deccan Studies Vol. I  No.l  January-June 2002, pp 59-67.

“The Politics of Architecture in Qutbshahi Hyderabad: A Preliminary Analysis” in M.A. Nayeem et al, Eds. Studies in History of the Deccan: Medieval and Modern:  Professor A.R. Kulkarni Felicitation Volume. (Delhi: Pragati Publications, 2002, pp.329-341.)

Administrative and Political Modernisation in the Asaf Jahi State: Hyderabad under Salar Jung I during 1853-83, and the Seventh Nizam during 1911-1945 in Islamic Culture: An English Quarterly. Special 75th Anniversary Issue. Vol. LXXVI, No.2, April 2002, pp. 47-114. 

Association Memberships

      History, Heritage and Related:

  • INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage).

  • Centre for Deccan Studies, Hyderabad (President and Executive Director of journal, Deccan Studies).

  •  Andhra Pradesh History Congress.

       Public and International Affairs:

  • Ham Sab Hindustani Trust (Managing Trustee)--seminars, workshops, issues publications.

  • Institute for Defence Studies & Analysis, New Delhi

  • LASA (Latin American Studies Association), U.S.A.

  • Institute of Asian Studies, Hyderabad

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