Ph.D. in Urdu, Central University of Hyderabad, 1986. Title of Ph.D. Thesis : “The Influence of Indian Languages and Literatures on Dakhani Urdu Language and Literature. Thirteenth to Eighteenth Centuries.”

·                    M.Phil. in Urdu, Central University of Hyderabad, 1982. ‘A’ Grade. Title of M.Phil. Thesis : “A Comparative Study of Telugu and Urdu short stories, 1907-1936.”

·                    Certificate of Proficiency in Arabic Language, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, 1979.

·                    Diploma in Teachers Training, Moscow University, 1973.

·                    M.A. in Urdu Literature, Osmania University, 1965, II Division.

·                    Diploma in Russian Language, Osmania University, 1965.

·                    B.A. in Political Science, Economics and Public Administration, Osmania University, 1962.


  ·                    Senior Lecturer in Urdu, State Council of Education, Research and Training, 1994 till date. [on deputation from the National Council of Education Research and Training – my permanent employer.]

·                    Prepared two textbooks for SCERT:

i)                    Supplementary Reading Material for IX class.

ii)                   Textbook for X class.

  Translations from Telugu to Urdu :

Translated ten books in Mathematics, Science, Environmental Sciences from Telugu to Urdu for non-formal education from 7th to 11th classes for the Andhra Pradesh Open Schools Society and the Education Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

            Lecturer in Urdu, National Council of Educational Research and Training, New

Delhi, 1989 till 1994.

Textbooks Prepared :

Books for non-formal education at high school level, at NCERT,

i)                    Museums of the World,

ii)                   Grammar of Urdu in Graphics.

·                    Translator-cum-Interpreter, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Hyderabad, 1980-1988.

·                    Technical translation of Russian-language materials on Aeronautics (MIG 27) into English. Interpretation for Russian experts in Aeronautics from Russian into English, Telugu and Urdu, and vice versa. Introduction to culture, history and values of Andhra Pradesh and India for visiting Russian experts.

·                    Guide-Lecturer, Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad, 1967-1980.

·                    Lecturer in Urdu, Adilabad Government College, 1966-1967.

Awards :

·                    1989: Post-doctoral Fellowship from University Grants commission at Osmania University for research in Urdu (resigned to accept appointment in NCERT, 1989.)

·                    1985-87 : Scholarship from Urdu Academy, Andhra Pradesh, for Rs. 600 p.m. for writing Ph.D. Thesis in Urdu Department. Central University of Hyderabad.

·                    1972-73 : Indo-Soviet Exchange Scholarship from Moscow State University for taking a degree in the Teaching of Russian language.


·                    Urdu (mother tongue)

·                    Russian (reading, writing and speaking, with technical vocabulary)

·                    Telugu (reading, writing and speaking)

·                    Persian (simple reading and writing)

·                    Arabic (simple reading and writing)


·                    1996 (August and December) : Confidential Translation of Question Papers from English to Urdu for the National Open School.

·                    1996 : Expert deputed by the National Open School, New Delhi, for the recognition of Madrasa-I-Azam as a centre for the National Open School.

·                    1995 : Script-writer for Audio-teaching Urdu scheme at the Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore.

·                    1989-92 : Technical Interpretation for two Russian doctors working at the Liver Transplantation Unit of Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad.


·                    1962-1977 : Wrote and broadcast several talks in Urdu on All India Radio and Doordarshan. Among the topics covered are:

A.     Scholarly : Urdu Marthia Men Hindustani Anasar.

      Dakhani Zaban aur Adab ka Irtaqa.

      Nazir Akbarabadi – Ek Awami Sha’ir.

      Taraqi Pasand Adab ki Tarikh (Feature).

      Bachon ko Zaban kaise Sikhaen ?

B.     Literary :   Three short stories (Nai Aurat, Main Hun Na, Who Ladka).

      One drama (Bhabhi ki Choodiyan).

C.     Popular :   Golconda ki Sair.

      Salar Jung Museum.

      Hindustan men Aurton ki Huquq.

      Sehat ka khayal kaise rakhen ?

      Mushtarika khandaan ki khamian aur khoobian.

D.     Interviews : for Radio and T.V. of Scholars and Experts, such as Professor

        Nazir Ahmed of Aligarh University; Professor Qamar Rais of

        Delhi University; Dr. Habeebullah, Liver specialist; Dr.

        M.A.M. Khan, Psychiatrist; Sri Jameel Yusuf Zai,

        Numerologist and Astrologer.



  ·                    1987 : Urdu ke Hindu Marthis-go Sho’ra [Siasat, Hyderabad.]

·                    1972 : “Modern Trends in Urdu Literature.” Article in Russian in the Journal of Institute of Oriential Languages, Moscow, based on a talk given at the Institute in Russian.

·                    1972 : “Nazeer Akbarabadi, a Folk Poet”. Article in Russian for the Journal of Insitute of Oriential Languages, Moscow.

·                    1966 : “Nas ki Dibbiyan” Article on collections of snuff boxes and bottles of artistic value [Siasat, Hyderabad.]

·                    1963 : “Firaq Gorakpuri – Urdu ka Azeem Sha’ir” [Siasat, Hyderabad.]